Hello everyone, the year is half over and we hope you are enjoying the nice summer weather. Many of our clients take advantage of the summer months to complete industrial cleaning projects and other outside projects.

At the end of last month CES was contracted to clean out a foreclosed property so it could be sold. The site contained over 100 unknown chemical drums that had been there for decades! Our highly trained field personnel used a wide variety of techniques to identify the chemicals. The wastes were identified, consolidated, and re-containerized to save on disposal costs. Empty containers were recycled, and all chemical related wastes were removed from the site.

It’s jobs like these that make you wonder, “Why did they allow this to happen?” We always advise our clients to avoid similar situations. By monitoring chemical inventories, and performing routine clean outs, you can avoid situations like this that increase your costs and liabilities. CES is happy to help you get your industrial waste program running efficiently and perform any lab pack or industrial projects you have on your to-do list.