Certified Environmental Solutions (CES) offers comprehensive spill preparedness and response resources providing high quality absorbent products at very competitive prices. Our program will help increase safety and efficiency while reducing costs and liability. The products we offer include;

  • High quality absorbents for specific or general applications
  • A wide variety of rolls, pads, socks, booms, and specialized items
  • Spill kits of various types and sizes for different needs
  • Aggressive pricing and responsive services that beat other options
  • Comprehensive services for recycling or disposing of the used products

Increased Value! Increased Efficiency! Increased Safety!
Reduced Costs! Reduced Liability!

CES will implement a strategy that provides the spill containment products you need and manage the wastes generated in an efficient, cost effective, and sustainable manner. Our comprehensive solutions not only deliver the products, but we also take away the used absorbents when you are done with them. To learn more about how our products and services can help your business please contact us to schedule a free site assessment.

Stacked Barrels Slated for Recycling - CES

For More Information

Our commercial recycling services help businesses operate in sustainable and cost-effective ways that protect the planet while protecting their bottom lines.

Contact us by phone at (262) 800-8520 or email to schedule a free consultation or to discuss your recycling needs with one of our team members.

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