Certified Environmental Solutions (CES) is an industry leader in providing cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solutions for managing a wide variety of commercial and industrial wastes. Our commitment to providing sustainable waste management options has led us to find new technologies and new methods for managing regulated medical wastes. Our service offerings include multiple treatment options for RCRA hazardous pharmaceuticals, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, infectious wastes, chemotherapy wastes, DEA controlled substances, biomedical wastes, and even dual wastes (i.e. both hazardous and infectious). 

Traditionally, regulated medical wastes had to be sent for sterilization or incineration waste treatments, which are expensive, and do not provide any environmental benefits. CES is proud to offer medical waste recycling solutions where regulated medical wastes will be processed and thermally destroyed as an alternative fuel. 

By partnering with CES not only will you reduce your expenses for managing your regulated medical wastes, you can now participate in an environmentally beneficial alternative to incineration and landfill. Our regulated medical waste recycling solutions provide;

  • Cost savings versus incineration waste treatment
  • An environmentally beneficial solution
  • A zero-landfill option
  • Responsive service
  • Documented recycling of waste materials
  • Prevents the consumption of fossil fuels
  • We even offer a convenient mailback program (see details below)

Our program will manage your regulated medical wastes through state and federally approved processes utilizing patented technology to thermally destroy the wastes and beneficially utilize the heat value they possess. Our solutions use the processed wastes as an alternative fuel which prevents the use of fossil fuels. 

Medical Waste Mailback Kits

We are also a distributor of mailback kits which provide a convenient, cost-effective, and compliant option for the safe disposal of regulated medical wastes. The mailback containers feature everything you need for one flat price including the rigid biohazard container, shipping materials, pre-paid postage, and documentation noting the proper destruction of your waste. When your container is full simply drop it in the pre-paid postage box at any U.S. Post Office. The link below will take you to the website showing the wide variety of mailback kits that are available. 

Mailback Kit Link: https://www.meriinc.com/waste-containers/medical-waste-mailback-kits/?did=dist2771

For More Information

We recognize the many challenges that come with managing healthcare related wastes. As such, we can assess your waste management program and develop a customized solution to meet your business and compliance needs.

Contact us by phone at (262) 800-8520 or email to schedule a free consultation or to discuss your needs with one of our team members.

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