That’s right, in this ever-changing waste management industry of acquisitions, new technologies, and changing regulations, Certified Environmental Solutions is proud and excited to introduce Healthcare Waste Recycling Solutions. We are utilizing state of the art technology, in a one of a kind facility, which allows for the recycling of all kinds of healthcare-related wastes.

Generators of healthcare-related wastes finally have an environmentally beneficial option to manage the wastes their facilities generate. We are offering an environmentally responsible, and truly zero landfill solution, for all types of healthcare-related wastes.

We have all heard of the dangers pharmaceuticals and other healthcare related wastes pose to the environment. And yet many of these wastes still end up in the landfills or dumped into our water systems. We are offering an environmentally beneficial solution, that is competitively priced, paired with the industry’s most responsive service, for any size business or resident to benefit from.

Recyclable Healthcare Waste Types

  • Trace chemo wastes
  • Pathological wastes
  • Infectious wastes
  • Dual wastes (both infectious and hazardous)
  • RCRA pharmaceutical wastes
  • Non-hazardous pharmaceutical wastes
  • DEA controlled substance wastes

You might be wondering how it is possible to recycle healthcare wastes.

For the longest time, there have been very few options for managing these waste types. Incineration or landfill (after sterilization) were the only methods available for managing healthcare related wastes. Well, that is no longer the case.

Our Healthcare Waste Recycling Solutions provide state of the art technology and a one of a kind process that is relatively simple to understand. Our solution is using time-tested and proven waste treatment technologies, but they are being used in a new and ingenious way. This facility can receive all types of healthcare-related wastes and, thru particle size reduction, create a uniform blend of tiny pieces that were once pills, chemotherapy wastes, sharps, other pharmaceuticals, and pathological wastes. This blend is then subjected to ozone treatment for optimal sterilization, thereby rendering all of it non-infectious. The sterilized blend is then further processed with other liquid wastes we manage, and the product is a clean burning, high BTU, alternative fuel. We use this fuel to offset the need for fossil fuel consumption at properly permitted facilities. The fuel this process generates is completely destroyed thru thermal destruction and any trace residual ash from the process is used up in the product being created.

This is the only facility of its kind in the United States. This is a true zero landfill solution that incineration and waste-to-energy facilities cannot provide.

If you are looking for an environmentally beneficial solution to the healthcare-related wastes your facility generates, please contact us to see how our Healthcare Waste Recycling Solutions can help you. We can manage small volumes from pharmacies and clinics to large volume semi-truck loads that larger healthcare complexes generate. We even offer a healthcare waste mail-back program for smaller volume generators of waste sharps and red bag waste.

If you need a responsive waste management partner, with competitive pricing, and an environmentally beneficial solution for the healthcare wastes your facility generates, please contact us.

You can reach a team member at Certified Environmental Solutions by e-mailing us at or calling us at (262) 800-8520. A member of our team will respond to your inquiry quickly and we look forward to helping you achieve your environmental, health, and safety program goals. As a premier environmental services provider, we can help you with many aspects of your EH&S programs, including cost reduction, vendor consolidation, increased efficiency, and responsive proactive account management.

– Certified Environmental Solutions, “Protecting the Environment and Your Business”